Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Treatures by Motorbot

Santa Clause Colorway Christmas Treature Resin Figures by Motorbot

Motorbot has re-stocked his online store, this time with all types of holiday resin goodies. And if you’re a fan of Motorbot’s signature monster, the Treature, then you’re really in luck! The Dallas artist has released all three versions of his big mouthed creature in two Christmas inspired colorways. Pick up either the 7.5” Treature Erectus ($60), the standard 5” Treature ($40) or the 3” Tiny Teeth Treature ($15) in the red and white Santa Claus colorway or the blue and white Bumble colorway. And if you purchase all three Treatures in one of the two colorways, Motorbot will throw in for free a matching resin Slug. The 2” long and 1” tall Slug is Motorbot’s newest creation and is sure to put a little fright into the holiday spirit.

Bumble Colorway Christmas Treature Resin Figures by Motorbot

These Christmas Treatures make great stocking stuffers and will help Santa polish off those extra cookies. If you place your order this week, it should also arrive just in time to be put under the tree or stuffed into someone’s stocking. Head over to the Deadbear Studios online store to pick one, three or all six figures up today!
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