Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dark Knight Batman Mini Mez-Itz with Tumbler Vehicle Set

The Dark Knight Batman 2 Inch Mini Mez-Itz with Tumbler Vehicle Set

Mezco Toyz continues its line of The Dark Knight toys with this vehicle set featuring a 2” Batman Mini Mez-Itz and the Tumbler from Batman Begins. I have to say, the “Tumbler” for a Batman vehicle is just about the worst name possible. Didn’t Christopher Nolan know any Batman vehicle has to have the world “Bat” in its name? From here on out, let’s just call it the Batmobile ok?

The Blot has yet to see any of the Mini Mez-Itz vehicles in person yet, but in general I’ve been very impressed with Mezco's line of Mez-Itz vinyl figures. According to Mezco, the 2 inch Batman Mini Mez-Itz features all the coolness and articulation of its larger counterpart at 1/3 the size. Batman can also fit inside the Tumbler through a secret doorway, and there’s even room for a 2nd passenger! The Tumbler sports a unique film accurate 6 wheel design and comes packaged with Batman in a collector friendly window box.

The Dark Knight Batman Mini Mez-Itz 2 with Tumbler Vehicle Set is not scheduled to ship until April 2012, but you can pre-order one here from for $20.99.
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