Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Edward Teabelly Tea-Shirt Series 1

Edward Teabelly Pot 1 - Edward Classic Black Tea-Shirt

Over the past four years of blogging, The Blot has gotten the opportunity to meet creative people from around the world who all share in a passion of their art. One of those people is England’s Dave Young a.k.a. Edward Teabelly! I first found out about Mr. Teabelly through Twitter and then started visiting his website to follow the creation of the Edward Teabelly clothing brand. After tons of hard work and dedication, the clothing line launched earlier this month and I’m excited to spotlight it here on

Edward Teabelly Pot 1 - Script Tea-Shirt

You probably don’t know this about The Blot, but I love me some tea! So when I learned there was going to be a whole clothing line dedicated to one of my favorite drinks I knew this was going to be good! Edward Teabelly’s goal is to create a new and fresh brew of products while bringing a hot pot of warmth and fun to the world through a range of clothing and accessories, one off pieces and limited editions. A fresh cup of apparel goodness carefully stirred together with childhood memories and an unlimited supply of influences, all boiled together from one main theme, a good old cup of tea.

Edward Teabelly Pot 1 - DM-Tea Tea-Shirt

Edward Teabelly Pot 1 - Brew Tea Not Trouble Tea-Shirt

As Edward explains on his website, the brand’s “mission is to create an exciting and memorable experience whilst offering high quality products, perfect for the inner teabelly in us all!” The debut pot of Edward Teabelly tea-shirts includes 7 awesome designs, including my personal favorite the "Edward Classic" featuring the Edward Teabelly mascot logo.  But you've also gotta check out the Run DMC tribute t-shirt, "DM-Tea"! There is also a small selection of pin badges and stickers, including a pretty slick Starbucks homage that I know people are going to dig.

Edward Teabelly Pot 1 - Edward Classic White Tea-Shirt

Edward Teabelly Pot 1 - Jolly Good Tea-Shirt

Edward Teabelly Pot 1 - Pinky Tea-Shirt

Each Edward Teabelly shirt retails for around $20-25 and comes in sizes S-XXXL, but sizes are already selling out. Everything in the Edward Teabelly tea-shop is limited, so if you like something don’t hesitate to place an order because once these shirts go cold they more than likely won’t be a re-brewed.
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