Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hell Hound Resin Figures by Argonaut Resins & Robbie Busch

Argonaut Resins x Robbie Busch Hell Hound Resin Figures

Argonaut Resins has teamed up with artist Robbie Busch again, this time for a very special Holiday release! Busch visited END’s secret lair recently and painted up a series of pretty sick looking 8 inch resin Pharaoh Hounds. These “Hell Hounds” will be a wave of 5 figures, and includes 3 Red Hots, 1 blue chase Hell Freeze Over and the uber chase, a clear tint Red Hot. Each Hell Hound will also come packaged in a box featuring an original acrylic painting by Busch. Pretty cool huh?

The Argonaut Resins x Robbie Busch Hell Hounds go on sale this Wednesday, December 7th, at 9pm EST at the Argonaut Resins online store.
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