Friday, December 2, 2011

Mars Attacks! Pop! Sci-Fi Vinyl Figure by Funko

Mars Attacks Pop! Sci-Fi Vinyl Figure by Funko

If you haven’t jumped on the Funko bandwagon yet, here’s your chance! Funko is about to release a cute, chunky 3.75” vinyl figure of the Martian from Tim Burton's 1996 movie Mars Attack! I know I keep saying this, but I’m constantly amazed at all of the different property licenses Funko has included in this toy line. They go above and beyond to ensure each figure accurately depicts the character it's based on by giving every toy its own unique sculpt. Take the Martian from Mars Attacks! for instance. It includes a crazy looking enlarged brain encased in a clear glass dome, and comes wearing a turquoise spacesuit with a black blaster.

The Martian from Mars Attacks! Pop! Sci-Fi vinyl figure by Funko is not expected to hit store shelves until next month (January 2012) you can pre-order one now from Entertainment Earth here for $9.99 each.
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