Friday, December 16, 2011

Suketchi Mama Noir Resin Set by Erick Scarecrow

ESC Toy - Suketchi Mama Noir Resin Set by Erick Scarecrow

Today, ESC Toy dropped the second Suketchi Mama 3 piece set of resin figures by Erick Scarecrow. The Suketchi Mama Noir Edition features a black, white, grey and orange color scheme and has a limited edition run size of just 15 pieces. The set includes a 5.75" Suketchi Mama resin figure, a 1.75" Paint Shroom, and a 3" Paddopa sketch pad. I have to say, this might be The Blot's favorite ESC resin figure. I love the concept and each piece really plays off of the other two really nicely. I haven't gotten to see tehse in person but doesn't Suketchi Mama look like she's ready to draw with her pencil hands!?!

The Suketchi Mama Noir 3 piece resin set went on sale at 11am EST today, Friday, December 16th, at the ESC Toy online store.
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