Thursday, December 1, 2011

Superhero Secret Identity Prints by Danny Haas

Superhero Secret Identity Prints by Danny Haas - “Banner” (The Incredible Hulk)

These awesome retro looking minimalistic prints of DC and Marvel superheroes and their secret identities by Danny Haas have been out for a few months now, but like the NBC saying goes “if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!” To be honest, I can’t exactly put my finger on what I love about these prints (which I’ve dubbed the Superhero Secret Identity Print Series). Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of superhero vs. civilian or how Haas nailed what each hero would be wearing while in their secret identity. Either these are some great made to order prints available at a very reasonable price.

Superhero Secret Identity Prints by Danny Haas - “Wayne” (Batman) & “Stark” (Iron Man)

There are seven designs in all in Danny Haas’ Superhero Secret Identity Series, which includes “Wayne” (Batman), “Stark” (Iron Man), “Kent” (Superman), “Logan” (Wolverine), “Parker” (Spider-Man), “Banner” (the Incredible Hulk) and “Jordan” (Green Lantern). If you could pick, which hero would you like to see Haas design a poster for next?

Superhero Secret Identity Prints by Danny Haas - “Logan” (Wolverine), “Kent” (Superman), “Jordan” (Green Lantern) & “Parker” (Spider-Man)

Each Superhero Secret Identity Print is a fine art print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using an advanced digital dry ink method to ensure vibrant image quality. These prints come custom trimmed with a 1" border for framing, and in five different sizes from: 8”x10” ($17.68), 13”x17” ($20.80), 17”x21” ($31.20), 22”x28” ($36.40) and 26”x36” ($52). Order one, or all seven, of these Superhero Secret Identity prints today from Danny Haas’ Society6 online store here.
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