Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Blot’s Booster Gold Sketchbook - Page 1 Kevin Maguire

Booster Gold Commission by Kevin Maguire at Wizard World Austin Comic-Con 2011

For years now The Blot’s been wanting to start a sketchbook of my all time favorite superhero, Booster Gold. Something I could take with me to conventions and have my favorite artists draw a Booster Gold sketch or commission in. There was only one thing holding me back…I had decided long ago that if I was going to do a Booster Gold sketchbook the first commission had to be by my favorite artist, Kevin Maguire. Of course as luck would have it, even after going to comic book conventions for almost 25 years Kevin and I have never been at the same show! Thankfully that changed last November.

When I heard Kevin Maguire was going to be at Wizard World’s Austin Comic-Con at the end of last year, I knew I had to be there. The convention was great, and I was lucky enough to finally be able to start my Booster Gold sketchbook after all these years with a sick Kevin Maguire commission (which you can see in the photo above). Now I’ve got an entire Moleskin sketchbook to fill up! So while this won’t be a regular feature on The Blot Says…, you can expect updates periodically throughout the year whenever I have the opportunity to add to this exciting project.
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