Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DC Comics Mimomicro Designer USB Card Reader & Drive by Mimoco

DC Comics Mimomicro Designer USB Card Reader & Drive by Mimoco - Wonder Woman, Superman & Batman

According to reports out of CES 2012, it is shaping up to be a huge year for our friends at Mimoco! The creator of the Mimobot designer USB flash drive, the first character-based memory stick, has just unveiled a brand new product line of fashionable personal data storage devices called Mimomicro. This is a smaller, more versatile device that can be used as a USB flash drive with removable microSD memory cards, which also functions as a microSD card reader to transport data between mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, digital cameras, and mp3 players to your computer. It’s basically everything your favorite Mimobot is and so much more!

But what has The Blot really excited about Mimomicros are the characters Mimoco is using to roll out its newest product: DC Comics and Star Wars! Along with Batman, Mimoco will be releasing Superman and Wonder Woman Mimomicros, two characters that Mimoco has never used before!

Mimomicro Designer USB Card Reader & Drive by Mimoco

Mimomicro boasts three dimensional sculpted characters and as well as a series of vehicles. a first for Mimoco! Mimomicro’s cap-free design with flip-out USB plug also includes a built-in keychain and LED indicator light. Measuring a mere 1.6”x1.0” in its compact form factor, Mimomicro really lives up to its name. Pick one up this March when Mimoco rolls out these new USB flash drives at select retailers worldwide and at
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