Monday, January 9, 2012

Elephantos Resin Mini Figures by Turbopistola

Elephantos Defender of Leisure Edition Resin Mini Figures by Turbopistola

While The Blot usually tries to stay abreast of new releases and hot new artists, I totally missed not one but two of Daniel Smith’s (a.k.a. Turbopistola) releases of his new Elephantos resin mini figures. These 2” elephants come ready to rumble and continue the trend of M.U.S.C.L.E. scaled figures. So far there have been two waves of Elephantos min figures, the Defender of Leisure set and a set of Hypercolor-esque color changing Elephantos. They’re all pretty awesome, but I think my favorite so far are either Wsave 1’s 80s hip-hop era inspired “Break-Beat” Elephantos or Wave 2’s TRON inspired “Icy Purple Kush.”

Elephantos: Color Change Edition Resin Mini Figures by Turbopistola

While Turbopistola’s online store is all sold out of Elephantos figures, Wave 1 retailed for $20 while Wave 2 retailed for $25. However, there are three Elephantos: Island Defense Edition figures available through Rusted Nail Gallery’s online shop for $25 each, so you can head over there to pick one of these bad boys up! Hopefully there will be even more of these Elephantos mini-figures coming out sometime soon!
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