Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hot Coccoa Custom 5" Labbit by Motorbot

Hot Coccoa Custom 5 Inch Labbit Vinyl Figure by Motorbot

The follow up to Motorbot’s hugely popular "I Like to Eat" custom Labbit show is scheduled for February 2013, and to get himself in the food making mood (as well as help promote the show) the Dallas based artist has decided to release a new custom Labbit each month for the next year. Each design will be extremely limited and only available for that one month.

January's Labbit release is the Hot Cocoa Labbit, and what better way to stay warm when it’s cold outside than with a hot cup of cocoa! Or, if you’re a coffee lover Motorbot can transform the Hot Coccoa Labbit into a cup of cappuccino with a heart foam. So really this is two releases in one! Each Hot Coccoa custom is a 5” Labbit vinyl figure and is available now until January 31st. Each Labbit is made to order and can be purchased from the Deadbear Studios online store for $110 each.
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