Monday, January 9, 2012

The Huck Gee Project: The Rhino Poacher Custom Figures

The Huck Gee Project: The Rhino Poacher Custom Vinyl Figures

The third set of figures from The Huck Gee Project has been unveiled, and it is entitled The Rhino Poacher! The rhino being ridden appears to be an all new and original sculpt by Huck Gee, while the actual Rhino Poacher should look familiar to long time Huck Gee and Kidrobot fans. As the private collector who commissioned these pieces explained on the KR forums, there is a little bit of social commentary taking place here. As you can see, the Rhino Poacher is a rhino himself…taking advantage and hunting his own kind for material gain. The lowest of the low if you ask me (but a pretty awesome figure nevertheless)!

The Huck Gee Project: A private collector recently commissioned Huck Gee to create an entire series of one of a kind custom figures, which combined would make up a larger project entitled, appropriately enough, the Huck Gee Project. While the project has since been put on hold, the collector has decided to share photos of the completed pieces with the world, since these are such incredible custom Munnys. This is definitely some of Huck’s best work, and I am so glad these photos are seeing the light of day!
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