Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ninja Star: Wars Series 2 Art Prints by Steve Bialik

Ninja Star: Wars Series 2 Art Prints by Steve Bialik - “Invasion of the Death Palace,” “Spacewalker,” “Akuma” & “Iwoks”

The Blot was shocked to find out Spoke Art had released a second set of Ninja Star: Wars art prints by Steve Bialik recently! As you may remember, Ninja Star: Wars pairs together the most beloved Star Wars characters with traditional Japanese ukiyo-e inspired imagery, and The Blot loves them! Illustrator Steve Bialik has created a captivating alternate universe which reinterprets notable Star Wars characters as if they existed in feudal Japan.

The print set is comprised of four prints, and features Luke Skywalker in “Spacewalker,” Darth Vader in “Akuma,” the Ewoks in “Iwoks” and Princess Leia in “Invasion of the Death Palace.” To see the six prints that comprise Ninja Star: Wars Series 1 click here.

Each Ninja Star: Wars offset lithograph measures 11”x27”, is individually hand numbered, and has a limited edition run size of 450 prints per image. Prints can be purchased from the Spoke Art online store individually for $10 or as a complete six print set for $30.
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