Monday, January 30, 2012

Unpainted Grape Greasebat & Cannibal Fuckface Vinyl Figures by Monster Worship

Superfestival 58 Exclusive Unpainted Grape Vinyl Figures by Monster Worship - Kusogon, Real Fighting Greasebat, Altar Beast & Cannibal Fuckface

Earlier this month Monster Worship traveled to Japan for Superfestival 58, where it released its entire roster of twisted characters onto the world in delicious unpainted grape vinyl. This was an exclusive colorway specifically made for Superfestival 58, and only a very limited quantity of each figure was created for the event. As you can see in the photo, Monster Worship released unpainted grape versions of Kusogon ($35), Real Fighting Greasebat ($75), Altar Beast ($35) and Cannibal Fuckface ($75).

Monster Worship put its remaining unpainted grape vinyl figures up for sale at the MW online store last Friday, January 27th. Currently only the Greasebat is sold out, but you’d better act quickly as there is no telling how many pieces remain of the other three figures (especially that killer Cannibal Fuckface).
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