Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu by MAD

Round 5 x Bruce Lee x MAD Temple of Kung Fu Blind Box Series

The Blot’s turns into a fanboy when it comes to releases by MAD, so this latest announcement has me all kinds of excited. Earlier this week it was unveiled that MAD had teamed up with Round 5 and the Bruce Lee estate for an all new line of collectible mini figures entitled “Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu”. The Temple of Kung Fu represents the first of several planned collaborations between Round 5 and established artists from the art toy community centering on the official Bruce Lee brand.

The first Temple of Kung Fu figures scheduled for release this summer will feature a 3” blind box assortment of 28 different characters including a variety of mystery characters. In addition to the standard figures, Temple of Kung Fu will include super limited chase figures featuring alternative colorways, costume designs and accessories. The Temple of Kung Fu will feature a broad variety of figures inspired by the legend and career of Bruce Lee, and those of Kung Fu history and lore.

So, what do you think of the first five Temple of Kung Fu figures by MAD x Round 5 x Bruce Lee!?! I really like what I see so far, and can’t believe there’s over twenty more characters in this release! Bruce Lee’s Temple of Kung Fu by MAD will make their world debut next week at Toy Fair 2012, so expect a lot more details on this upcoming blind box release soon.
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