Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Ice Scream Man Vinyl Figure by Brutherford Industries

The Ice Scream Man Spiteful Strawberry & Villainous Vanilla Flavorways by Brutherford Industries and Ice Scream Man Art Print by Tamara Petrosino

The Ice Scream Man came to Brutherford in a vision after a freak accident involving a toilet and a clock (use your imagination). A creature of pure evil, the Ice Scream Man is a bringer of cavities and brain freezes! The first two colorways of Brutherford Industries’ Ice Scream Man rotocast urethane figures went on sale this week and boy do they look sick! The first two foul flavors are Spiteful Strawberry ($75) and Villainous Vanilla ($50). The Vanilla flavorway will be an open edition while the Strawberry is the first of 3 flavorways limited to 125 pieces each. Both are currently available for purchase at Brutherford’s online store.

While you’re there, you might also want to pick up a fantastic print of the Ice Scream Man by Tamara Petrosino (who also designed the Ice Scream Man box art) for just $30. This 12"x15" archival print on canvas is the perfect addition to any young child's nursery, certain to terrify and cause nightmares well through puberty.
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