Thursday, February 23, 2012

Johnny Cupcakes “Snack Time” T-Shirt Collection

Johnny Cupcakes Snack Time Collection - “Mr. Cupcakes” & “When It Sprinkles It Pours” T-Shirts

Last week Johnny Cupcakes released a new batch of t-shirts centered around the theme of snacking, and included parodies of two iconic American food brands, Morton Salt's Salt Girl and Planters' Mr. Peanut. As you probably know, The Blot loves a good parody designs and this Johnny Cupcakes Morton Salt design might be one of my all time favorites. Everything about it is just perfect, including the royal blue t-shirt color.

Johnny Cupcakes Snack Time Collection - “Kitchen Fire Rescue” Crewneck & “Snack Dept.” T-Shirt

There’s also a pretty cool “Snack Department” t-shirt, which was released in five different colorways (one for each Johnny Cupcakes retail locations and the JC online store), and the “Kitchen Fire Rescue” crewneck. This sweatshirt was created as a nod to the brave firefighters across the world that protect our local bakeries.

Each Snack Time t-shirt retails for $35.99, while the crewneck sweatshirt retails for $54.99. All four of these snack themed designs are available at the Johnny Cupcakes online store while supplies last. A number of sizes are already sold out, so if you think you might want to pick up one of these awesome designs The Blot recommends doing so immediately!
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