Monday, February 6, 2012

KidNeutron & KidRoyale Kidrobot Mascot Vinyl Figures

KidRoyale Kidrobot Mascot Vinyl Figure

Wow, The Blot can’t help but feel partially to blame for these two abysmal new Kidrobot mascot vinyl figure releases. I’ve been complaining as much as anyone the past few years about the price of Kidrobot’s figures as their quality continues to decline. That isn’t to say there haven’t been some amazing designs released; I just can’t stand how sloppy the production has been. So finally Kidrobot listened to its fans’ complaints and is releasing two reasonably priced 8” figures…and yet where are the designs!?!

KidNeutron Kidrobot Mascot Vinyl Figure

I should have known these figures were going to be underwhelming when I heard there was no artist attached with the release. And surprisingly, these two don’t seem to be numbered as part of the Kidrobot Mascot series or have a run sized announced. So what does that say? Does it mean these are open edition figures meant for Urban Outfitters and other large chain retailers? Maybe, but I really hope not. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case…you know it’s only a matter of time before they start releasing 8” “limited edition” figures at Urban Outfitters.

KidNeutron & KidRoyale Kidrobot Mascot Vinyl Figures

It’s sad because Kidrobot is supposed to be the torchbearer in this industry and I honestly hold them to a higher standard.  But this seems to be a step in the wrong direction, especially when you consider how far its Mascot line has come. While I would have no problem with these if they were some of the first Mascots released back in 2004, but even those put these to shame! Can these even been considered designer art toys anymore? There are so many talented creators out there who would do incredible work with this platform, but instead Kidrobot decides to release this? I just don’t get it. To say The Blot is disappointed would be a huge understatement. And this after 5 extremely solid Kidrobot Mascot figures over the past 2 years. I would seriously love the opportunity to manage this line for KR because they are just wasting a perfectly good toy right now.

KidNeutron is boldly going where some ‘bots have gone before..the black, white and cyan Kidrobot steps out of his space pants and into your collection. Sleek and graphic with ray gun in hand, this KidNeutron is out to make permanent mischief. KidRoyale is mischievous in black with fresh cyan kicks and trusty graff accessory in tow. This ‘bot reps a dark getup to creep through your neighborhood and tag undetected. Both KidNeutron and KidRoyale Kidrobot Mascot Vinyl Figures go on sale Thursday, February 23rd at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers worldwide for just $29.95 each.
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