Friday, February 17, 2012

OG Dragon King Vinyl Figure by kaNO

OG Edition Dragon King Vinl Figure by kaNO

After blogging about both of kaNO’s Dragon King exclusives, I realized I had never talked about the original colorway. Designed as a tribute and homage to one of the biggest icons in American history, kaNO’s Dragon King was meant to capture Bruce Lee’s essence and attitude rather than being a carbon copy of his likeness. As kaNO explains, “the Dragon King was a labor of love for me and I couldn't be happier with it; it's not often you get the opportunity to make a toy of one of your biggest heroes."

There are seriously so many reasons why The Blot digs this figure. It’s the perfect mesh of kaNO’s signature style and a tribute to a true American Icon. Plus I just really love Bruce Lee. My only problem with this figure is I honestly can’t decide which of the three Dragon King colorways I want to pick up! The OG Dragon King vinyl figure stands 8” tall, includes a baton and camera gun, and comes packaged in a gift box with flocked blister. With a limited edition run size of just 250 pieces, the OG Edition Dragon King retails at designer toy stores worldwide for $65 each.
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