Friday, February 3, 2012

Tim Doyle’s “Unreal Estate” Solo Art Show

“Unreal Estate” Tim Doyle Solo Art Show - “Amanda Hugginkiss” The Simpsons Screen Print

Last night marked the opening of “Unreal Estate,” Tim Doyle’s very first solo art show at Spoke Art’s San Francisco location! In "Unreal Estate," the Austin artist explores locations found throughout popular culture in a variety of limited edition, hand printed screen prints and original art. What a great freaking idea! I love Doyle’s work, and from the few prints I’ve seen Tim did a fantastic job with this series of prints.

“Unreal Estate” Tim Doyle Solo Art Show - “Night over the SNPP” The Simpsons Screen Print

From The Simpsons' Moe's Tavern and the Springfield Kwik-E-Mart, to Arrested Development's Bluth Banana Stand and the diner from Seinfeld, Doyle's realistic and illustrative reinterpretations of television's most iconic places is a captivating voyage. For this new body of work, Tim has moved away from his usually big bold colors and comic-book line quality to create a more illustrative style, with muted tones and colors that reflect a mood or time of day. He attempts to preserve and honor the non-physical spaces found in this show with the same care and intention given to iconic real world locations. This series is one artist's intensely personal journey through a world which is universal to us all!

“Unreal Estate” Tim Doyle Solo Art Show - “10 cents gets you nuts” Arrested Development Screen Print

“Unreal Estate” Tim Doyle Solo Art Show - “The Big Salad” Seinfeld Screen Print

Any and all of Tim Doyle’s remaining prints, original inks and wood/glow-in-the-dark variants from the “Unreal Estate” art show will be released today, Friday, February 3rd via the Spoke Art online store at approximately 3pm PST. Get your F5 keys ready!!!
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