Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birro the Clown 3" Dunny by Chauskoskis

Kidrobot - Birro the Clown 3 Inch Dunny and Packaging by Chauskoskis

Wow, talk about an awesome surprise! Today Kidrobot secretly released on its website the Birro the Clown 3” Dunny by WalterChauskoskis” Jacott seen here, a figure The Blot didn’t even know was in production. This production figure is inspired by a series of custom Birro the Clowns Walter created for the Most Wanted: Artist Series 2, a custom Dunny project curated by several Kidrobot Forums members, featuring some of the most sought after up-and-coming artists and customizers from around the globe. I can’t think of the last time Kidrobot released an original design as a one-off 3” release, but here’s hoping this trend continues! Especially if it means Kidrobot will finally start working with popular artists/customizers like the talented Chauskoskis.

Birro is one clown who’s sipping on more than just juice! Full of color and personality, Birro is all of the things clown nightmares are made of. With his big red nose, suspenders, and green transparent bottle accessory, he'll ruin any birthday party! Get one for your next soiree or your collection at all Kidrobot retail locations and for $14.95 while supplies last. But don’t sleep this release; only 1,000 of this deviant clown were produced!
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