Monday, March 26, 2012

The Mooncrow Resin Figure by Motorbot

The Mooncrow Resin Figures by Motorbot

The Blot is excited to introduce you to Motorbot’s Mooncrow, one of the most unique collaborations in the history of designer toys. You see, the Mooncrow was actually created by one of Motorbot’s kids! Based on the drawings of his oldest daughter, Motorbot redesigned the creature and began sculpturing. With her birthday quickly approaching, Motorbot decided to surprise her by having The Mooncrow ready on her birthday. How freaking cool is that!?!

The Mooncrow Original Concept Art by Motorbot and Daughter

She had no idea Motorbot was working on the figure, but he kept getting bits of info out of her about this monster she created. He was called a mooncrow and she wanted a silver one. And so, the mooncrow was officially born on her birthday! She was quite excited and after some negotiations she agreed to let Motorbot offer him to the public…but for a small fee. Already an entrepreneur at such a young age! Her daddy must be so proud.

The Mooncrow Resin Figure by Motorbot

The Mooncrow is now available at the Deadbear Studios online store for $35 each. Only 10 Mooncrows have been produced, 5 one offs and 5 GID white pearl editions, and the figure’s original designer will be getting a cut from each figure sold. So be sure to pick one up while supplies last and support one of the youngest designer toy makers ever!
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