Friday, March 16, 2012

That Thing Ate My Quarter Resin Figure by Motorbot

That Thing Ate My Quarter Black Edition Resin Figure by Motorbot

Last night the Vinyl Thoughts 2 custom toy show took place in Dallas, Texas and Motorbot was all over the show. Besides creating two awesome Piranha Plant custom Munnnys, he also designed an all new figure entitled “That Thing Ate My Quarter!” The Blot loves everything about this video game themed figure…from the vinyl decals on the side to the figure’s miniature joystick and button. It’s like Motorbot literally shrunk an old school video game machine from the ‘80s.

Vinyl Thoughts 2 Exclusive That Thing Ate My Quarter Glow in the Dark Edition Resin Figure by Motorbot

Two colorways of That Thing Ate My Quarter were released yesterday, a Vinyl Thoughts 2 Exclusive GID Version, which could only be purchased at last night’s show, and a Black Edition that is currently available for purchase at the Deadbear Studios online store for just $20! Each figure stands 2” tall and comes bagged with a header card. Only a few of each colorway were produced, so if you can get your hands on one make sure you pull the trigger ASAP!
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