Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crap Stink Splasher CrappyCat Set by VanBeater

Crap Stink Splasher Set by VanBeater - Crap Stink Splasher CrappyCat & Crap Stink Splasher FunkMonkey Vinyl Figures

Yesterday a pretty cool CrappyCat set was released that I think you’ll want to check out! Meet the Crap Stink Splasher, a character who only has two things on his mind: getting drunk and making waves! This set includes one Crap Stink Splasher CrappyCat, one Crap Stink Splasher FlunkMonkey and an 11″x17″ signed & numbered Splasher poster on 12pt uncoated acid-free paper. What’s even better is you can pick up this three piece set for just $35 shipped exclusively at!

Crap Stink Splasher Set by VanBeater – Crap Stink Splasher CrappyCat, Crap Stink Splasher FunkMonkey & Match Print

This Exclusive Crap Stink Splasher set by VanBeater set has a limited edition run size of 125 sets and went on sale at yesterday, Wednesday, April 4th. However, there is one catch...this vinyl figure set is only available for a 48hr period that ends on Friday, April 6th at 2pm EST. This means you better get your orders in now or you may not be able to add these binge partying CrappyCat and FlunkMonkey vinyl figures to your collection.
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