Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grody Shogun Shooting Blanks from Lulubell Toy Bodega

Lulubell Toy Bodeg Grody Shogun Shooting Blanks Event

Lulubell Toy Bodega released some really exciting news yesterday for all the Grody Shogun fans out there. After tons of requests for blank Grody Shogun figures for artist collaborations and customs, the Lulubell team has decided to give everyone a chance at their own artist run of figures or customs by planning a very special Grody Shogun Shooting Blanks for April. Luke and Amy are constantly changing the game and coming up with innovative ideas that in my opinion are so great for our little corner of the art world. I just wish some of the larger toy companies would follow their example!

So here are the details of Lulubell’s Grody Shogun Shooting Blanks Event: for one week only all of the original Grody sculpts (Ojisan, Karakuri, Monster and Ensorcelled Man) will be available for purchase as unpainted blanks with no maximums! Seven colors in all will be available: clear and 6 mystery blind bagged colors (order 6 colored figures of any sculpt to get one of each). And get this, all blanks will be offered this time only at discounted pricing to allow for reasonably priced artist runs and customs! The Grody Shogun Shooting Blanks Event starts at 8am PST on April 12th and will last for one full week. All pre-ordered items will be delivered by June.

“Mighty Morphin Grody Mash-Up Show” Grody Shogun Custom Art Show at Lulubell Toy Bodega

This is every collector’s chance to finally get their hands on that Grody figure they’ve been looking for, and every artist’s chance to do their very own run of customs. Even better still, if you do a set of custom Grody figures, Lulubell will promote your run its email newsletter the week before it goes up for sale on your site. And if you end up doing any one off Grody customs, you can submit it to be part of the “Mighty Morphin Grody Mash-Up Show,” the first ever Grody Shogun custom show September 7th at Lulubell.
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