Friday, April 27, 2012

Johnny Cupcakes Pop Culture T-Shirts

Johnny Cupcakes The Ramones Inspired T-Shirt “Lets Bake”

Last weekend Johnny Cupcakes released a new batch of t-shirts that had The Blot written all over them! All three designs were influenced heavily by pop culture, two are based on classic movies and one pays tribute to the greatest punk rock band of all time. Can you guess what they are!?!

Johnny Cupcakes The Wizard of Oz Inspired T-Shirt “Bakers of Oz”

I keep going back and forth on which of these designs I like the most, but I starting to think it’s The Wizard of Oz inspired “Bakers of Oz” tee. I just love the simple portrait of a winged monkey and its striking use of color. The Karate Kid inspired “Crane Kick” is also pretty solid, with the JC crew replacing Daniel-san with a portly baker. And then there’s “Lets Bake,” which is based on The Ramones’ log (which in turn is based on the seal of the President of the United States). I have to imagine this is definitely going to be the most popular of the three designs.

Johnny Cupcakes The Karate Kid Inspired T-Shirt “Crane Kick”

All three of these Johnny Cupcakes Pop Culture inspired t-shirts are currently on sale at the Johnny Cupcakes online store for $35.99. The shirts are available in both men's and women’s styles, sizes S-3XL.
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