Monday, April 23, 2012

Metallic Ice Scream Man Flavors by Brutherford Industries & BMP Co.

Brutherford Industries x Brown Magic Paint Company “Heavy Metal Mint” Metallic Ice Scream Man

The Blot was so bummed when I learned this awesome collaboration between Brutherford Industries and Brown Magic Paint Company was already sold out before I even found out about them! That’s what I get for falling way behind on my email. But these metallic colorways of Brutherford Industries’ signature figure, the Ice Scream Man, were just too cool not to blog about. BMP Co. did a fantastic job giving these figures their trademark sparkly magic metallic treatment.

Brutherford Industries x Brown Magic Paint Company “Stainless Steel Strawberry” Metallic Ice Scream Man

Two extremely limited flavors were hand painted by the Brown Magic Paint Co., “Heavy Metal Mint” and “Stainless Steel Strawberry.” Only five of each flavored Ice Scream Man were created, and these bad boy sold out almost instantly upon release. Each figure retailed for $115, came signed and numbered by Brutherford and Brown Magic Paint Company, and was packaged in a pinstriped box customized with hand painted details by BMP Co. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to Brutherford Industries’ online store for even more exciting Ice Scream Man releases!
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