Monday, April 9, 2012

Spike Wad Vinyl Figure by Jeff Lamm

Unbox Industries - Spike Wad Vinyl Figure by Jeff Lamm

The highly anticipated Spike Wad by Jeff Lamm was released by Unbox Industries yesterday and is now available to wreak havoc on your toy shelf! Spike Wad continues the "pop and play" mechanic Unbox Industries used when creating Lamm’s M5 and Stee-Gar, thus allowing you to mix up all three monsters into your own hideous creation.

Unbox Industries - Spike Wad Vinyl Figures by Jeff Lamm - Bloo, Black Hole, Absinthe, Satsuma & Claw Editions

Spike Wad is a large mutant spider whose origins are unknown. Some say he first appeared in the area of the Large Hadron Collider on the border of France and Switzerland. He was given the military nomenclature “Spider Quad” which was shortened to “Spi-Quad” and finally “Spike Wad.” The volcano-like protrusions on its back appear to be a defensive mechanism, the larger ones can extend and shoot gelatinous balls of a gooey substance. The three large eyes give it excellent nocturnal vision, with a sort of thermal imaging view. The teeth can deliver a paralyzing venom if a bite is made, although the teeth are too big to penetrate a human being.

Packed in a Polybag with header card illustrated by Jeff Lamm, there are currently five different Spike Wad colorways available via the Unbox Industires online store. Each colorway (Bloo, Black Hole, Absinthe, Satsuma and Claw Editions) retails for $45, although the glow in the dark Absinthe edition is already sold out. Capture one while you still can!
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