Friday, May 11, 2012

Dark Shadows Screen Print by Ghostco

Mondo - Dark Shadows Screen Print by Ghostco

For some reason The Blot just can’t get excited for Tim Burton’s newest film Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp. I’m a big fan of both Burton and Depp, and usually I can’t wait to see their collaborations in the theater. But for some reason Dark Shadows just isn’t doing it for me. I know I’ll see it eventually, but it doesn’t have that must see vibe to it. I think maybe it’s reminding me a little too much of 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is my least favorite Burton/Depp film. This Dark Shadows movie poster by Ghostco is pretty sweet though. I love his use of black in this print and he did a great job capturing Depp’s trademark goofy/creepy look in Mondo's latest release.

Dark Shadows by Ghostco is a 24”x36” hand numbered screen print, and has a limited edition run size of 270 pieces. The print will retail for $45 and goes on sale at a random time on today, Friday, May 11th, at the Mondo online store.
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