Friday, June 15, 2012

Mr. Pinkerton 5” Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson

Toy2R - Mr. Pinkerton Standard Edition Pink 5 Inch Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson

Toy2R is teaming up with Scott Tolleson once again to bring another of Scott’s adorable creations to life! Preston T. Pinkerton, or just Mr. Pinkerton to his close friends, is the most intelligent and lovable hare in all the forest. He enjoys wearing his lucky pair of magic spectacles while skipping about on his many adventures. Wind him up and watch him hop, and your joy for Mr. Pinkerton will never stop.

Toy2R - Mr. Pinkerton AniQee Blue 5 Inch Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson

The Mr. Pinkerton 5 inch Mini Qee vinyl figures will drop in late July in the Standard Edition Pink and the AniQee Blue colorways you see here. Each colorway will also have a chase Glasses Version for those who like their toys looking just a little bit smarter. Pick one up this summer from your favorite designer art toy stores for $28.
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