Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dummeat Custom 3” Dunny by Motorbot

Dummeat Resin Figures by Motorbot

One of The Blot’s all time favorite designer toy “characters” is Motorbot’s one eyed monster, Meathead! I’ve got three different versions of Meathead in my collection, including the OG Tiny Teeth Meathead, a Measter Bunny and as a Yoka (Motorbot’s first production toy). So of course I was really excited to learn Motorbot was working on his first series of Meathead custom Dunnys! For the longest time I’ve wanted to see one of Motorbot’s crazy monsters reproduced as a production Dunny, and seeing this set of Dummeats (Dunny + Meathead) only solidifies that in my mind.

Now this first wave of custom Dummeat 3” resin figures was produced made to order in two styles, a clear tint and a GID tint, and retailed for just $12 via the Deadbear Studios online store! I seriously felt like I was stealing from Motorbot this figure was so cheap. I just hope the good people at Kidrobot take notice of how awesome this head sculpt looks and get working on production version of Motorbot’s bootleg Dunny (ala Sucklord’s recent 3” release). Now I know the window to order this custom figure has ended, but if you still want to get your hands on a Dummeat I suggest shooting Motorbot an email. You just never know what might happen!
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