Thursday, August 30, 2012

Custom Forest Warlord Vinyl Figures by Skinner

Custom Forest Warlord Vinyl Figure by Skinner

Speaking of Bigfoot One’s Forest Warlord, check out this incredible new custom by Skinner! According to Skinner’s Instagram account there are at least two of these mind blowing custom Forest Warlords in existence, and The Blot’s hoping there are even more of these in the works. I’ve always loved Skinner’s use of colors and this series of customs might be his best yet. Just look at those piercing eyes and blood red teeth! The detailing on this guy is exquisite.

What I like best about this figure is Skinner’s use of black. There’s so little of it used to just accent some of the figure’s details, and yet it really shines surrounded by all these vibrant metallic colors. Look for more details about this exciting release from the Skinnman to come as soon as they’re announced!
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