Friday, August 17, 2012

First Look: Black Heisenberg Skull & Crossbones Breaking Bad Figure by Tristan Eaton

First Look: Pretty in Plastic x Tristan Eaton Black Heisenberg Skull & Crossbones Breaking Bad Vinyl Figure

Pretty in Plastic just posted the photo above on their Instagram account. It’s the second colorway of the Heisenberg Skull and Crossbones Breaking Bad vinyl figure they’re producing with Tristan Eaton! And what’s more appropriate for the harbinger of death than an all black colorway!?! Might this also be available this Monday night (August 20th) at Gallery 1988’s The Breaking Bad Art Project Group Show? More details to come!

The Heisenberg Skull and Crossbones vinyl figure was originally designed for the Breaking Gifs x Vannen Breaking Bad watch (this image appeared on the back of the watch). Pretty in Plastic then took that logo and created these beautiful 5”x6” 3D sculptures.
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