Friday, August 10, 2012

Mermadi 2 Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

ESC Toy - Mermadi 2 Resin Figure 2 Piece Set by Erick Scarecrow

ESC Toy’s popular Mermadi resin figure is back! Simply named “Mermadi 2,” Erick Scarecrow’s half human, half fish creation is actually cast in clear resin with matte painting, which I never would have guessed. The 2.75” water wave splash “accessory” is made from clear tinted resin and really enhances Mermadi’s aquatic look.

The 6" Mermadi 2 hand painted resin figure comes signed and numbered by Erick, and has a limited edition run size of just 20 pieces. You can pick up this fun new figure at the ESC Toy online store for $125 each.
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