Friday, August 3, 2012

Shadow-lings Custom 4” Munnys by Shadoe Delgado

Shadow-lings Custom 4 Inch Munny “Miniboss” by Shadoe Delgado

Meet San Francisco artist Shadoe Delgado and his new line of custom Munnys The Shadow-lings!  Do these look sick or what?!? The design of Shadoe’s Shadow-lings custom series comes from his ceramic work, which focuses on the ideas of shadow, ego, and personae. The newest Shadow-ling is the 4” Miniboss (seen above), which includes some crazy looking antlers and a pretty stunning mask made with crackle paste.

Shadow-lings Custom 4 Inch Munnys by Shadoe Delgado

So far Shadoe has created 5 one of a kind Shadow-lings, all of which are available for purchase in his online store. Each 4” custom Munny retails for just $60 and includes the incredibly detailed masks you see here. After seeing these bad boys, The Blot’s really excited to see what Shadoe is working on next!
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