Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SpankyStokes.com Exclusive "Stroll ❤'s Stroll'et" Exclusive Resin Wedding Gifts

SpankyStokes.com Exclusive Stroll ❤'s Stroll'et

As many of you may know, John Stokes of SpankyStokes.com and his fiancé Jaime recently got married (congrats John and Jaime!). What you may not have known is they also had some of the coolest party favors ever for their wedding guests! John and Jaime teamed up with Ryan Rutherford of Brotherford Industries to produce a "Stroll ❤'s Stroll'et" 2 piece resin figure set for each of their guests. Stroll, the mascot of SpankyStokes.com, has definitely taken on a life of his own these past few years and it’s great to finally meet his wife, Stroll’et!

SpankyStokes.com Exclusive Stroll ❤'s Stroll'et Exclusive Blue 2 Piece Resin Figure Wedding Gift Set

I know after the wedding collectors worldwide were asking if these cute little “Stroll ❤'s Stroll'et” sets would be available to public, and we now know the answer to that is YES! Spanky and Jaime had a few sets left and they will be making these available to collectors tomorrow, Wednesday, August 15th, at 12pm noon PST at the Spanky Stokes online store. Fans of Spanky Stokes and OMFG! mini figures will definitely want to get their hands on these cute resin mini figures.

SpankyStokes.com Exclusive Stroll ❤'s Stroll'et Exclusive Resin Wedding Gifts

Each colorway may be as limited as 2-3 sets, but there are some seriously awesome options like Light Green, Dark Green, Glow In The Dark Green, Dark Clear Blue, Light Blue, Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Clear Red, Cream, Cookies-N-Cream, Black, and some blind bag mix-n-match color pairings. There will also be a limited number of Red/White/Black sets at a discounted price, allowing collectors to snag all of the traditional wedding colors.
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