Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toy Review: Mutant Jawa Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Toy Review: Mutant Jawa Bootleg Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

A few weeks ago The Blot blogged about Killer Bootlegs newest kitbashed resin figure, the Mutant Jawa. Well, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one a few days before their release this weekend and let me tell you it’s pretty awesome! It is made from a vintage Jawa and a vintage Yoda mashed together to create a new race of Mutant Jawas. The figure is extremely clean and the mold lines are almost nonexistent. But what really puts this figure over the top is the little monster’s bootleg vinyl cape! Not only is it excellently made, it looks just like those crappy capes from Kenner’s original Star Wars line.

So at this point you’re probably asking where can I get one of these little Mutant Jawas to add to my collection? Well, here’s the awesome part of this release: Killer Bootlegs will be crashing Wizard World's Chicago Comic-Con (August 9th-12th) and handing out 100 FREE Mutant Jawas, most of which will be random one off colorways and clear variants! How cool is that? Each figure will come bagged with a Wizard World Chicago Exclusive header and all you have to do to get one is track down a Killer Bootleg crew member (who will be wearing Killer Bootleg gear) at WW Chicago this weekend.
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