Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Look: PickleBaby Resin Figure by Leecifer

First Look PickleBaby Resin Figures by Leecifer

Next month Leecifer will be debuting his brand new resin figure, PickleBaby! This new figure from Leecifer is pretty crazy looking, but it does a great job showing off his unique art style. PickleBaby came from five hundred gazillion light years away to give you a hug, and perhaps an anal probe! Standing 8.25" tall with magnetic articulation at the arms and neck, the injured alien fashioned a body out of the first Earthly organic matter he came in contact…a cucumber and the bones of the hapless farmer buried there.

Dragatomi presents “Bat Butts and Goat Guts” Phantasmagorical Psychosis by Paul Kaiju and Leecifer

Maybe it’s just me, but a figure this wrong just feels so, so right! The Blot’s really excited about PickleBaby’s use of magnets for articulation, and can’t wait to see one of these new resin figures up close. Your first opportunity to purchase a PickleBaby will be at Leecifer’s joint art show with Paul Kaiju entitled “Bat Butts and Goat Guts” at Dragatomi on Sunday, October 13th. The show will include a Dragatomi exclusive hand painted run of PickleBabies plus a number of one-offs perfect for the Halloween season.
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