Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mas Chris Custom 8” & 3” Dunnys by Kong Andri

Mas Chris Custom 8” Dunny Vinyl Figure by Kong Andri

Last week Indonesian artist Kong Andri released some fun new custom Dunnys. The line work and design on these custom pieces is seriously top notch First up is the Mas Chris 8” Dunny, which is a blown up version of his popular Christmas inspired Mas Chris 3” Dunny Series that sold out immediately upon release last month. The figure comes packaged in a huge hand painted wooden crate and retails for $350.

Magical Edition Mas Chris Custom 3” Dunny Series by Kong Andri

Kong then released the second colorway of his popular Mas Chris 3” Dunny design. The Magical Edition Mas Chris features metallic gold paint and comes packaged in a custom tin can. This series is limited to just 7 pieces and retails for $99 each. The 8” Mas Chris Dunny as well as the 3” Magical Edition Mas Chris Dunny Series can all be purchased (while supplies last) at Kong Andri’s online store.
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