Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Chardmonster Print Series by Huck Gee

The Chardmonster Print Series by Huck Gee - Blur

Huck Gee has released his second series of square prints, this time featuring his newest creation The Chardmonster! This series of 3 prints depict the Chardmonster in his native environment, out in the wild doing what the Chardmonster does best. The Blot loves all of the lush environments Huck comes up with, and his characters always look interesting even when doing mundane things like sitting or napping.

The Chardmonster Print Series by Huck Gee - Gone

Each 10”x10” The Chardmonster print by Huck Gee is printed on fine art watercolor paper (225gs), and comes signed, numbered and gold embossed by the artist. Each print has a limited edition run size of 100 pieces each, and can be purchased at the Huck Gee online store for just $30 per print.

The Chardmonster Print Series by Huck Gee - Trap

"Gather round close. Pull up your cloaks. Stoke the fire. Raise a toast. Are the tales true? Here, here in these woods? With bottles of mischief and magical goods! He shuffles, he stumbles, he watches and waits. He lurks and he drinks and he'll keep us up late. Keep away! Keep away! Nobody's safe! The Chardmo, the Chardmo, the Chardmonster's here!" - said nobody, never.
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