Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toy Review: Ironclad Decimator Dunny Chase by Doktor A

Toy Review

I have to start this review off with a confession, The Blot typically hates blind boxes and chases because, like most of you, I have TERRIBLE luck with them!!! I’ve never pulled an 8” Dunny chase, and while I do pull the occasional “rare” 3 inch Dunny it usually ends up not being the design I really wanted. But like all designer toy collectors I keep buying more because I’m addicted (and a glutton for punishment).

Kidrobot: Ironclad Decimator Dunny by Doktor A - Regular & Mecha Rupture Edition

With that being said, I never buy an 8 inch Dunny for the chase. My philosophy has always been I’ve got to really like the figure’s primary colorway if I’m going to buy it because that’s more than likely the version I’m going to get. So of course I was shocked beyond belief when I opened up my Doktor A Ironclad Decimator 8” Dunny and found the monotone chase staring back at me!

Toy Review: Kidrobot Ironclad Decimator 8 Inch Dunny Chase & Packaging (Front) by Doktor A

The Ironclad Decimator’s monotone chase colorway is quite striking, and its neon green highlights really stand out! To be honest I wasn’t sold on this color scheme when I first saw pics of it leaked online, but in person it’s just sick. I love how eerie and spooky it looks with its blacks and grays surrounding that crazy florescent green, and the head of Dok A’s Dunny looks especially fantastic in these colors. While this chase colorway is nice, what really takes this figure to the next level for me is its sculpt!

Toy Review: Kidrobot Ironclad Decimator 8 Inch Dunny Chase & Packaging (Back) by Doktor A

I love how all out Kidrobot went all out with the Ironclad Decimator. I couldn’t believe they resculpted both the Dunny’s head and body for this release, but it was definitely worth it! I love the head’s sculpt with Doktor A’s signature rupture design, and the rivets all over really do give it a metallic robotic look. It’s crazy how something you know is made of vinyl can be completely transformed with a few added design elements.

Toy Review: Kidrobot Ironclad Decimator 8 Inch Dunny Chase & Packaging (Bottom) by Doktor A

I also really like how clearly this is a Doktor A design, featuring so many of his classic elements. Sometimes an artist will go in a completely different direction with a release, but for anyone’s first 8” Dunny release I want to see those things I love about their work. To me, the spiky teeth looking head sculpt with those great “x” and “@” eyes are just scream Dok A to me. All in all, this is an epic design and my figure’s quality control is excellent (something I’m always worried about with KR releases). I know these are sold out everywhere, but if you’re on the fence purchasing Doktor A’s Ironclad Decimator Dunny do it! It will make a great addition to every fan’s collection.
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