Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book Review: The Great Showdowns by Scott Campbell

The Great Showdowns Hardback Book by Scott Campbell

The Blot was pretty excited to get an opportunity to review Scott Campbell’s new book The Great Showdowns! Produced by Titan Books and Gallery 1988, The Great Showdowns is the first collection of Scott’s immensely popular showdown series, which chronicles some of the greatest confrontations in film history. This hardcover book is being released in conjunction with Scott’s solo art show of the same name at G1988, and should be hitting bookstores nationwide over the next two weeks.

The Great Showdowns Hardback Book by Scott Campbell - Die Hard, The Shawshank Redemption, TRON & Robocop

With almost 150 showdown illustrations and a forward by Neil Patrick Harris (Suit Up!), this book is pretty much one of the greatest things The Blot has ever read! For some strange reason I can’t remember the first time I saw one of Scott C.’s amazing watercolor showdown paintings. It must have been in a Gallery 1988 show, but which one? I know I’ve been following his Great Showdowns website since the beginning, and I remember vividly looking at photos of Scott’s LOST series on opening night of G1988’s LOST group show. Regardless, his work has stayed with me over the years and has had a tremendous impact on me.

The Great Showdowns Hardback Book by Scott Campbell - Pulp Fiction, Rocky, King Kong & Edward Scissorhands

As a self-professed pop culture connoisseur, no artist captures everything The Blot loves about movies as perfectly as Scott C. While I’ll admit I can’t identify every movie in the book, the 95% I can pretty much sums up my childhood. From The Princess Bride and Aliens, to Lord of the Flies and Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Great Showdowns has it all! Not only is ever genre covered, but I love seeing which confrontations Scott chose to include in his showdowns series. You probably didn’t expect E.T. vs. a Speak and Spell to make the cut!

The Great Showdowns is an amazing book that will not only take you on a walk down memory lane but leave you with a smile on your face. And you get all that for just $14.95! How can you pass up that kind of deal? And while Amazon states this hardcover book will not be released until October 30th, they’re pre-selling it for just $9.45 here! So now you really don’t have an excuse not to buy this awesome art book.
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