Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Convention Exclusive "CE-OTMB" Custom Strolls by Spanky Stokes

Convention Exclusive CE-OTMB Custom Stroll Mini Figure by Spanky Stokes

Spanky Stokes has assembled an army of OG hand painted custom Strolls, and they’re invading New York Comic-Con 2012 next week! The Blot’s been wondering when we might see an OMFG! Stroll in its trademark white with grey and black color scheme. Sadly I won’t be in NYC to pick one up, but if you are head over to the Onell NYCC booth #3216 on Friday, October 12th, from 4-7pm and pick one up in person from Spanky for $20 each.

Convention Exclusive CE-OTMB Custom Stroll Mini Figures by Spanky Stokes

But that’s not all…if you were wondering what “CE-OTMB” stands for it’s Convention Exclusive / October Toys Message Board. You see, these OG Strolls are an open edition and will be sold exclusively at conventions. However, every time they’re released at a con, a few will be held back for members of October Toys’ message board as a thank you for supporting the OMFG! project. Pretty cool, don’t you think!?!
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