Monday, October 1, 2012

First Look: Skullwalker Resin Figures by Brian Flynn

Super7 Skullwalker Rotocasted Resin by Brian Flynn

For Brian Flynn’s upcoming solo art show “This Temporary Moment” at the Toy Art Gallery Brian is bringing back his popular Skullwalker in a big way! Previously only released as a 3” bronze sculpture (available here), Brian is now producing a 6” version of this cool little character in rotocast resin specifically for his show. Each one will come hand painted and sold available exclusively through TAG.

Brian Flynn's Solo Art Show “This Temporary Moment” presented by The Toy Art Gallery Flyer

No word yet if this cute skull will see a wider release, but Brian did confirm on Instagram that a vinyl version is not in the works. According to Brian that is because the figure’s shape can’t be pulled “in vinyl without running a seam through the center of the head. In resin (or bronze) [he] can sand out the seam and make it invisible.” The Blot would love to get my hands on one of these, but there’s been no word if the resin Skullwalker will see a wider release.

“This Temporary Moment” featuring new works by Brian Flynn will be on display at Toy Art Gallery from October 5th-25th, with an opening reception this Friday, October 5th.
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