Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super Hero PickleBaby Resin Figures by Leecifer

Super Hero PickleBaby Resin Figures by Leecifer - Batman, Swamp Thing, Iron Man & Green Goblin

One thing The Blot and Leecifer have in common is our love of super hero inspired colorways and customs! For years Lee has blown me away with his super hero customs, especially his many Batman themed figures on a number of different platforms. I’m even lucky enough to have one in my collection! So it should have been no surprise to me that Leecifer would have a number of super hero themed PickleBaby colorways in his art show with Paul Kaiju “Bat Butts and Goat Guts” that opened last night at Dragatomi.

Lee’s PickleBaby resin figure made its world debut at his show last night and there were at least four awesome super hero inspired, one of a kind figures. You know Leecifer is a fellow comic book fan in that he named each figure by the character’s secret identity! There’s the Batman PickleBaby “Bruce”, the Iron Man PickleBaby “Tony”, the Swamp Thing PickleBaby “Alec” and the Green Goblin PickleBaby “Norman”. Are these awesome or what!?!?

All of the figures seen here, plus so much more, was first made available for purchase at the show’s opening on Saturday, October 13th, at 7 pm. Any remaining pieces will be available for purchase through the Dragatomi online store at noon PST on Monday, October 15th.
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