Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Modern Hero Resin Figure by MAD

Modern Hero 7 Inch Black Resin Figure by MAD

MAD’s Modern Hero has always been one of The Blot’s all time favorite characters in the designer toy world, and I’m proud to say I own the character in a variety of different platforms. So when MAD announced he was working with Shinbone Creative to create his very first original Modern Hero figure The Blot was pumped! The 7” all black Modern Hero resin figure has a limited edition run size of just 13 pieces, and goes on sale on Black Friday, November 23rd at MAD’s online store for $300 each! Each hand finished polished resin figure comes packaged in a laser etched wood display case.

7 inches is so much bigger than I expected, which also explains the higher price tag. But if you’re on the fence about picking one of these awesome figures up be aware of one thing…this may be the only resin Modern Hero ever released! MAD’s gone on record that the production process was very time consuming and after this release he’s going to be focusing most of his attention on getting his Modern Hero vinyl figure produced. So all of the completists out there really need to jump on this release when they get the opportunity this Friday! Now, who’s got a spare $300 sitting around for The Blot? ;)
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