Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shadow Friend 8″ Dunny by Angry Woebots

Shadow Friend 8″ Dunny by Angry Woebots

Collectors worldwide have been salivating over the notion of an Angry Woebots panda 8” Dunny for years, and it’s finally here! Even when we all knew one was coming after Kidrobot released those killer Shadow Friend t-shirts and hats a few weeks ago Woe’s diehard fans were still anxious to see the final product. The Blot can honestly say it was worth the wait! Woe definitely did not disappoint with his new Shadow Friend Dunny. I love the colors and the trademark Woe brushstrokes across the Dunny’s ears, legs and arms. If I had one piece of constructive criticism it’d be the placement of the panda’s face. It almost accentuates the Dunny platform’s nose/mouth, and makes Shadow Friend look like he’s got a huge chin. But that’s pretty nitpicky…I’m still dying to add this gnarly panda to my collection!

Shadow Friend 8″ Dunny and Packaging by Angry Woebots

Shadow Friend is the perfect playmate. He follows you wherever you go, playing right along. As a backwards twin to the original Woes design by Angry Woebots, Shadow Friend takes all of the gushy, “I heart you” feelings associated with mammoth cuddle monsters, and replaces them with an awkward nervous fear. Inspired by Angry Woebot’s 3” 2Tone Dunny, this is a darker version of his iconic stressed out giant panda.

Showing off its latest catch of speared fish, the 8” Shadow Friend Dunny intimidates with hot pink beady eyes and a one fanged snarl. Representing the number of Giant Pandas left in the wild, 1000 Deep is printed on the back of Dunny’s head, and a black skull printed on its chest, a symbol of the species struggle to stay alive. Like their fuzzy counterparts, Shadow Friend Dunnys have very limited numbers…only 1,250 were produced! Collectors can pick up this endangered species beginning December 6th at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers for $75 each.
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