Friday, December 28, 2012

First Look: Watchmen Pop! Vinyl Figures by Funko - Dr. Manhattan

First Look: Watchmen Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko - Dr. Manhattan Prototype

Gemini Collectibles is at it once again, this time giving the world its first look at the soon to be released Dr. Manhattan Watchman Pop! Movies vinyl figure by Funko! Dr. Manhattan combined with the Rorschach figure we saw last week forms a killer wave of Watchmen Pop! I’m just glad to see Dr. Manhattan will be wearing underwear and not letting it all hang out like in the movie and DC comics. The Blot just hopes there will be more Watchman Pop figures announced sometime soon. 

You can purchase the all white Dr. Manhattan Watchmen Pop! Movies vinyl figure prototype seen here from the Gemini Collectibles online store for $125 each. No word on when the Watchmen Pop! Series will be released, but expect each figure to stand 3.75” tall, feature 1 point of articulation, and come packaged in a full color displayable window box.
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