Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deli Fresh Threads' First T-Shirt Collection!

Deli Fresh Threads Inaugural T-Shirt Collection - In Grilled Cheese I Trust T-Shirt, Grilled Cheese Biggie Bread Sticker, Biggie Bread with Bag Sticker & Deli Fresh Threads Sticker

Meet Biggie Bread and Deli Fresh Threads, an all new indie clothing line based in Orlando, Florida! The Blot first met Biggie on Twitter almost two years ago and have been flowing the creation of his new t-shirt brand ever since. It’s so cool to see someone as passionate about t-shirts as Biggie be able to bottle that excitement and turn it into fully fleshed out brand. For his inaugural Deli Fresh Threads t-shirt collection Biggie has teamed up with Lain Lee III to create some awesome sandwich inspired designs!

Deli Fresh Threads Inaugural T-Shirt Collection - Deli Fresh Threads Logo Blue & Gray T-Shirts

Why sandwiches you might ask? As Biggie explains, they “can be had for every single meal! The best part about t-shirts and sandwiches – everyone wears or eats them.” With Deli Fresh Threads Biggie is able to merge two of his passions, t-shirts and sandwiches! For its first wave of t-shirts Deli Fresh Threads has released four really fun designs, including a Deli Fresh Threads logo tee, a Biggie Bread mascot tee, an “In Grilled Cheese I Trust” design, and The Blot’s personal favorite…an argyle design made of sandwiches!

Deli Fresh Threads Inaugural T-Shirt Collection - Biggie Bread with Bag Red & Black T-Shirts

Deli Fresh Threads Inaugural T-Shirt Collection - Traditional Argyle & PB&J Argyle T-Shirts

All of the t-shirts you see here and so much more can be purchased at the Deli Fresh Threads sandwich shop! Most designs come in two different colors, sizes S¬-3XL, and are printed on American Apparel t-shirts for just $25. You can also pick up full color diecut vinyl stickers for $2 and full color chips (aka 1” buttons) for just $1.
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