Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kaws x Star Wars Boba Fett Vinyl Figure

Kaws x Star Wars Boba Fett Companion Vinyl Figure

The internet irrupted on Saturday when Kaws posted a picture on Instgram of his next vinyl figure, a Star Wars Boba Fett Companion! Released exclusively in Japan by Original Fake on January 26th, Kaws’ Boba Fett Companion will look especially nice next to the artist’s Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Companions that he released back in 2008. While The Blot hasn’t been all that enamored by most of Kaws’ vinyl releases over the past two years, this figure is pretty much perfect!

Besides being a huge Boba Fett fan, I think the details and paint applications on this figure look top notch. My only question is whether or not the Kaws x Star Wars Boba Fett Companion has the bounty hunter’s trademark jet pack on its back? What really pains The Blot is the knowledge that I probably won’t be able to get my hands on this amazing figure. Any time a Kaws piece is a Japan exclusive they become almost impossible (i.e. super expensive) to get. I’m just hoping they fall into the hands of collectors and not exclusively flippers who will be marking up them up 3-5 times retail. Good luck to everyone trying to track this elusive bounty hunter down!
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